About Dave

I should probably write something more witty and charming here, for now, here’s the header blurb from my resume:

Engineering Executive who provides leadership and deep expertise in emerging and advanced technologies, and in applications/software development, database design, systems architecture, network/hardware strategy, and consulting in an extensive range of industries and sectors. Fuels business performance by leveraging knowledge of multiple software development methodologies, business processes, and the ability to adapt quickly in order to achieve the objectives of all stakeholders.

Thrives in self-directed, remote work environments. Builds credibility, provides clear expectations and direction, and delivers complex, highly scalable, world-class products. Exceptional project management skills; leads projects from concept through design, QA, testing, validation, and deployment. Mentors team members to excel, develops individuals to roles of greater scope, and creates a team-focused culture of innovation, cooperation, integrity, and accountability. Solid understanding of multicultural team requirements and international business protocols.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-bennett-4650686/